Questions & Answers

It makes us happy to know that so many people care about Rörstrand and find its production interesting. And the interest seem to be growing…

Below we have listed some of the most common questions that people ask us. Hopefully you can find answers there to some of your own questions.

Does my dinner/coffee service have a name?

Since Rörstrand started up production in 1726 thousands of different patterns have been produced. Far from all have names. Some only got a production number.

If there is no name included in the stamp underneath the objects there is a very slim chance to find such information. Sometimes it helps sending us a picture of the piece and of the stamps. Maybe we can identify it for you or at least offer some general information of the piece.

How old is my Rörstrand object?

Have you ever wondered about the age of your Rörstrand porcelain? Sometimes it is possible to date an object through the style in which it has been produced. Another source of information is the stamp underneath the objects. Every item that has left the factory the right way has been marked with a signature all the way back to the 18th cantury. The signatures have varied over the years and this is why it is possible to date objects roughly this way. You can see different signatures on the page named ”signatures” in the menu on the right.

How many objects of the same design have been produced?

In most cases no such figures are available. An object was produced as long as there was a demand for it. Unique and numbered series are exceptions of course. When it comes to services the duration of the production can offer a hint. A long production period as opposed to a short one means that more pieces have been produced most likely.

Where can I find missing pieces for my Rörstrand dinner/coffee service?

When a dinner/coffe service is no longer in production there is only one way of finding missing pieces and that is through the second hand market, antique shops, auctions and so on. A good idea might be to put in an add in one or several of the Swedish antique magazines. That way you can reach many people at the same time. Be sure to send a picture of the service as well so there is no confusion about what service you´re looking for.

How much is my Rörstrand object worth?

This is a question that a museum cannot answer, since there are ethic rules against it. If you´re interested in the economic value of Rörstrand objects you should contact an antique shop or an auction hall.