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Rörstrand Museum with 300 years of extraordinarily creative ceramic history

Rörstrand Museum is closed for renovation until the end of 2021. After 12 years with the old permanent exhibition and the popular café, it is time to rejuvenate the exhibitions and bring out hitherto unseen objects from the museum’s storage. The collection comprises nearly three centuries of ceramic art and design. We will relate the story of “Sweden’s crown jewel” with stunning ceramics, grandmother’s fine china and home décor, but also with rarities and odd things; tools, sketches, pictures, films and the “Little oven”, a preserved, unusual round kiln used for the finest artworks.

Rörstrand has been located in three towns. The company started in Stockholm in 1726 and developed into a substantial industry during the 1800s. After 200 years Rörstrand moved to Gothenburg. In the 1930s the factory came to Lidköping, where it became one of Europe’s most modern porcelain industries. Since 2005 the production has taken place abroad, but the trademark Rörstrand lives on and has a natural centre in the porcelain town of Lidköping. We ask for your patience – and we will meet again in 2021, when a new museum adventure will begin.

During this period the Rörstrand Center in Lidköping is open to visitors, including the Ittala Outlet as well as the art-craft boutique – all located in the factory’s former premises. New porcelain is also manufactured here by Porslinsfabriken i Lidköping AB, a modern survivor of the old Rörstrand.

Rörstrand Museum exhibitions

At Rörstrand museum you can see both the regular exhibition and theme exhibitions. The museum is always admission free.


Stålhane in town

Vänermuseet, Lidköping 4/5-18/7 2021

An exhibition about the legendary Rörstrand artist that exhibit objects from his long career at Rörstrand but also tells the story of decorations for public spaces in Lidköping.






Rörstrand museum is admission free

While waiting for the museum to open again

Go on Designpromenaden (the Design Walk) to see Lidköping’s ceramic ornamentations. In Lidköping there is a long tradition of design with many innovative creators who have worked and still work here. There is work by Pia Törnell, Gösta Grähs, Oiva Toikka, Anna Lerinder to name but a few. The walk is circa 1 km (30 min) and starts outside the Rörstrand Museum. Download the App. Läckö Kinnekulle, select round-tour and Designpromenaden and you will get a map and descriptions of all the artwork.

There is still the opportunity to share in some of the museum’s current permanent exhibition, which shows more than 290-years of Rorstrand’s history, from 1726 to today. For 294 years Rörstrand’s porcelain factory has led the way in ceramic function and beauty. The factory with the R-stamp manufactured everything from stunning ceramics to pots and beloved classics. Thousands of working lives and a staff of artists gave Rörstrand a position as the ceramic crown jewel with a production flow of faience, Art Nouveau, beautiful everyday ware, Swedish Grace, pop ceramics, dusky tableware and artworks.

Download the App Läckö Kinnekulle, select round-tour and Rörstrand Museum exhibition.